Upcoming Exhibition Venue

Posted: 08/05/2022


I will be exhibiting work for sale at Chipping Agricultural Show, on Saturday 27th August 2022. Address is: Chipping Showground, Chipping Lancashire. The venue is clearly signposted from Longridge and Clitheroe directions. Motorway access from M6 junction South 31a, and M6 junction North 32. With the backdrop of Parlick Fell, the Showground is a short walk from the historic village of Chipping in the heart of the Forest of Bowland AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). I will have a wide selection of affordable paintings on display of various subjects from landscapes, seascapes, animals, flowers etc.

Exhibition Stalls are in the Arts & Craft Marquee.



On Finding Creativity For Ourselves In A Rushed And Busy Life

Posted: 05/05/2022


As individuals, where do we find our spark of creativity? Trying to juggle our daily needs for survival, against our inner inspiration to express our artistic side, can be a non-starter for many.

Our own expression can end up buried in a never ending list of duties, and before we know it any hobby, pursuit or latent interest never gets explored.

Or the worry of where the money might come from to pursue particular hobbies or interests leaves us bewildered; we bury our own natural self expression till we are 'too late to start anything'.

I have a neighbour who wanted for most of her life to learn how to play the Piano to a decent level, but the pressures of bringing up three children, put that dream on hold for over twenty years. The money for a hobby was never there and time for herself very short.

Thankfully, my neighbour in retirement has become a self taught pianist and loves her leisure time on her music pieces, on a second hand but beautiful piano to boot!

Our Ancestors, though they didn't have much creature comforts compared to our modern day standards, were always tuned into their self expression. Even around 70,000 years ago the world over, they created beautiful cave paintings that surviving to this day, we see they were very organised and found time from daily survival to make art.

It is fair comment the quote - 'Human Creativity Has Driven Our Evolution' *, and from that we can only conclude that creativity is latent and useable to every human being on the planet.

Whether we dismiss ourselves in the 'I'm not creative or hopeless' bracket, it is our own fears that is hiding that spark within us. No one in our world is either a 'Useless Eater', or a useless drain on our resources, for what benefit that saying is in popular conversation today. It could be the drive to take a mallet and chisel to create our own art from a raw block of wood, to crafting beautiful hand made greetings cards, to writing poetry or a short story, knitting a comforter for a child or a warm winter hat, the list is myriad and endless. Our mental health is benefitted in the process. We share our ideas and the creative drive flourishes under it's own effort - we are in 'the zone' so to speak.

We are all the product of our own latent spark, we only need to get in touch with our deepest thoughts and light that spark! With Love, Christina. * Quote taken from Anthropologist and author :- Augustin Fuentes.