A Little About Me ;

Christina LeesHello, I am Christina an Artist who lives in Lancashire, England.                                                               

I have been painting in art for many years of my life. I attended Bolton Art College in graphic design during when I worked in the printing trade. But apart from past work I love to create paintings and drawings in various art media such as:- Watercolour, Ink, Acrylic and Pastels, and also like to mix various aspects of conventional materials.

I like to paint a wide variety of subjects including ;- Dogs, Cats, Horses, small furry animals. Also Landscapes and Still Life subjects, Abstract; and also whatever subject others would have in mind for their interest.

I paint at present predominantley on Canvas as it is a very versatile base, easy to hang on walls, mantleshelves, furniture units etc. I form all my paintings from taking photographs and also out in nature when painting landscapes.

I  also take on commissions and  exhibit my work in Craft Fairs and other events. I like to keep my paintings very affordable and will take on work to suit the budget of any enquiries.

If you feel interested in any of my paintings I use PayPal to take payments, and can post or in the local area can deliver work to clients.

I am happy to take any enquiries via my Contacts Page on my website, and do feel free to comment or raise a question on any aspect of my art.

Thank You, from Christina.